Safe Driving Pledge

Join the Lou Fusz Automotive Network to pledge to keep our children safe while on the road. Families are encouraged to download this pledge, read over line by line and both parents a children of driving age sign and date. This is a great tool for parents to use to help educate children of negative driving habits that can have very serious consequences.

Driver Safety Pledge

  • I will follow all traffic laws.
  • I will never drink and drive.
  • I will never do drugs.
  • I will be a courteous driver.
  • I will always wear my seat belt and enforce passengers to where it as well while driving in my vehicle.
  • I will never text and drive.
  • I will use safety features of my cell phone that turn off notifications automatically while in the vehicle or turn phone off while driving.
  • I will drive slower in wet conditions to help reduce the possibility of an accident.

I have read and understand the items listed above and recognize by abiding by these responsible practices that I may be saving my life and lives of others.

Signed ________________                    Signed _______________
                Student                                                    Parent

Date __________________                    Date _________________