Key Replacement – Mobile


Today’s keys are very expensive to replace if they are lost, stolen or destroyed. Many keys incorporate computer chips for remote locking systems, trunks and starters. When keys need to be replaced it’s a costly endeavor that also includes re-programming charges for ALL keys.

In addition to Key replacement service this protection package also comes with 24-Hour Emergency Road Service. Mechanical first aid for any service requiring a minor adjustment. Tire service for help in changing an inflated spare tire from mount to wheel. Battery service for attempting to start vehicle with a booster battery. Delivery service of an emergency supply of gasoline, oil, or water or other accessories and/or supplies as may be required and available.

Benefits of Key Protect

  • Replacement for lost, stolen or destroyed keys.

  • Replaces expensive embedded computer chips.

  • Covers reprogramming costs.

  • Covers key FOBs.

  • Key replacement – in the event your key is lost, stolen or destroyed, we will pay for a replacement.

  • Lockout service – if your ignition key is accidentally locked inside your car, you will be covered for the services of a club locksmith.

  • 24- Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance.

  • Custom Trip Routing – You can receive a specially prepared map outlining your travel route.

  • Discounts – including auto rentals from Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and National.

Why a Key Replacement Plan is so important

Windshields can begin to receive small chips from small rocks and debris from highways soon after you purchase your vehicle.  You can really notice this small chips as you drive into the morning sunrise and evening sunsets. The small chips can be very annoying and not to mention dangerous if the glare becomes too much to handle. Crystal Fusion is advanced windshield protection which is meant to stop these small chips from occurring. It acts as a shield and small particles and water are deflected from your windshield keeping your eyes on the road. You will not even notice the Crystal Fusion on your windshield because it infuses at the molecular level and bods with the glass. Hence, creating invisible protection with noticeable benefits during rain and snow.