Fusz Crystal Protection Package – Mobile

Crystal Fusion technology, which is more than just a coating that can peel and blister over time, molecularity fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier. It enhances visibility in bad weather and and strengthens glass weight load by up to ten times. As a result, water beads up and rolls away and small road debris ricochets off.

We all hate the sound of a rock hitting our windshield. Crystal Fusion advanced window shield protection limited product warranty covers stats, chips or cracks to the front windshield caused by road hazards. The windshield repair process bonds the glass together, restores strength to the windshield, improves the break’s appearance and prevents the break from spreading. If the windshield cannot be repaired, it will be replaced at no charge.

The advantages of Crystal Fusion

Improves clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time.

Deflects small road debris to reduce damage to glass.

Significantly reduces night glare.

Allows insects to easily be washed away.

Makes ice and snow much easier to remove.

Protects against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup.

Water beads up and rolls away.

What is the benefit of having this coverage?

Windshields can begin to receive small chips from small rocks and debris from highways soon after you purchase your vehicle.  You can really notice this small chips as you drive into the morning sunrise and evening sunsets. The small chips can be very annoying and not to mention dangerous if the glare becomes too much to handle. Crystal Fusion is advanced windshield protection which is meant to stop these small chips from occurring. It acts as a shield and small particles and water are deflected from your windshield keeping your eyes on the road. You will not even notice the Crystal Fusion on your windshield because it infuses at the molecular level and bods with the glass. Hence, creating invisible protection with noticeable benefits during rain and snow.