Vehicle Protection Plan Ally Vehicle One


Service contracts allow smaller monthly payments to be made, so that expensive repairs can fit into tight budgets. This saves you from needing to come up with a large sum for major repairs. A service contract will save you thousands of dollars on repairs as the vehicle ages.


For many people, a car is the second largest purchase and comfort in knowing that you won’t be stuck with debilitating repairs is important. A little peace of mind knowing you are protected can be comforting. Depending on the make and model you own repair and maintenance can cost well over $7,000 in five years time.



What is a service contract?
A service contract protects your vehicle after the factory warranty expires. Ally Vehicle One is a service contract that protects your vehicle when something breaks that is outside of warranty so you don’t have to pay for out of pocket expenses. It will cover specific parts that are in your vehicle and cover just about everything that your original factory warranty covered.


   Drivers Needs Analysis

Driving an average 25,000 miles per year, you will be left unprotected in the event of mechanical failure in approximately 17 months.


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